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Roadie Crew magazine: Marenna is the revelation of AOR national launches lyric video

Check the Article about the release of the single "You Need To Believe" the Marenna project.

"Marenna is a project super new and is already considered as featured in national and international settings, is gaining the clinical look of various media and their music has been considered one of the best compositions made in land tupiniquins in 2014.

'The lyric video was launched now in October 2014 by composer and vocalist Brazilian Rodrigo Marenna, in which is part of the band Lacross Rock, where is creator and singer since 2007. In this work, the gaucho musician who is studying vocal techniques since the 16 years, merges influences the atmosphere Hard Rock melodic (AOR) of the 1990s and contemporary elements of letterheads and current arrangements.

"Rodrigo Marenna says: 'The major challenge of the project is the involvement of regional musicians, talent odd, that act in bands that Marenna had the privilege of knowing during his artistic walk. With this support, the lead singer believes to be contributing to the discovery of new talents and building a solid relationship and synergy with the market through their music.'

"Project innovative and audacious, betting on footprint of instrumental style, blended with melodies of easy perception, daring vocal technique and feeling, facing the contents of feeling of victory and messages of optimism, presenting in a 360-degree view. Account with special shares of musicians experienced to give life to their songs, in this way, it is believed be oxigenando the scene and causing the most diverse public interact and have access to their work and also of these musicians.

"The production is signed by Jonas Godoy, who was also responsible for recording the guitar, keyboards, bass and backing vocals, vocal production was conducted by Arthur Appel, the guitars soils by Sasha Zavistanovicz band Underload and Guilherme de Mello band Fighter was the driver of the battery."

Source: Roadie Crew

Roadie Crew is a specialized magazine in the world rock scene, with emphasis on heavy metal and classic rock.

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