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Roadie Crew magazine: revelation of national AOR is selected for the Sweden Rock band competition

Check the Article about the release of the single "You Need To Believe" the Marenna project.

"Marenna, the pleasant surprise of Brazilian AOR in 2014, was born in the state of Rio Grande do Sul as a project, and has just been selected for a major international event. The band was pre-selected to compete in one of four places to play at Sweden Rock Festival, but there is still a long road ahead that depends on votes from the public, which must be made on the site of the event, and so we can have a band representing Brazil. After all, the project was forced to become bandwidth in a few weeks of life. At the event, will present bands of renown as: Def Leppard, Slash, Judas Priest, Exodus, Dokken, Opeth, Toto, Meshuggah, Airbourne and many others.

"The 25 bands most voted, go to the final round and the filter remains only 4 bands finalists, these ring at Sweden Rock Festival between 03 to June 06, 2015. In the initial part of vote, the site accepts 1 vote per day per IP, i.e., supporters can vote several times, but without the status percentage reached.

"The vocalist Rodrigo shall convene all: 'Vote, vote, vote! Spread this news. Invite your friends, relatives, neighbors. Invite everyone to vote to have a Brazilian representative in this great event, I count on the support of all in one voice!'

Roadie Crew is a specialized magazine in the world rock scene, with emphasis on heavy metal and classic rock.

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